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How to get the dance floor the right size for your wedding

March 11, 2021

The size of your dance floor is a crucial part of the wedding entertainment for the evening.

Too big, people won’t dance and feel self conscious. Too small, and things get cramped.

So what’s the easiest way to ensure your dance floor is the right size.

The Venue of course.

Choose a venue that isn’t too big, or too small for the number of guests

The first thing you should be doing when considering your  dance floor space is by choosing the right venue. It’s much easier to have the right size and positioned dance floor in a venue that is already there, rather than trying to change it yourself.

If you are getting a massive hall or space with only a small number of guests – you are making it difficult for yourself. To choose appropriately for the number of guests.

Already picked your wedding venue?

If you have already picked your venue, as most people may have already done if they are reading this – there are still some things you can do that will make a massive difference.

1. Hire a designated dance floor space

Hiring a dance floor is a great option to help make it obvious where the dancing is happening. If you hire a dancefloor with some LED lighting, it also has a great impact on people not feeling subconscious. And on top of this, it looks beauitful for photo’s and importantly – that first dance where those photo memories will last a lifetime.

2. Move the tables and chairs to cut space

Another simple option for you or your wedding organise to implement is arranging the tables/chairs so that it makes the dancefloor the right size. Often I see wedding’s where the seating areas are really squished together and then there is a huge open space for the “dancing”.

Spread it out to help cut down on that unnecessary space.

3. Put some furniture of other ornaments to block the area.

As well as arranging the table and chairs to close some dancing space, you can also add some furniture or other ornaments to help block some space.

You could perhaps hire larger furniture items, or even just some smaller signs like the photo below.

4. Fuel them with plenty of alcohol.

Now this is tongue in cheek, but if all else fails – fill your guests will plenty of drinks.

The social lubricant that never fails!! 🙂

Drinking at Wedding

Hopefully these tips and tricks will get you thinking and make you aware that the impact the dancing space has on people’s comfort levels and whether you are going to have people dancing all night.

It’s not just enough to have a beautiful looking wedding venue, and you really should be thinking about the space you want people to dance in, and also the rough guide I mentioned before about 40% of people dancing at any one time.

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