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Why your wedding is like baking a cake?

March 11, 2021

No, I haven’t had one too many shandies.

But you can think of one of the biggest events of your life – metaphorically speaking – like baking a cake.

There are many ways you can bake a cake. There are different methods, different procedures and you can use high quality ingredients, brand name ingredients or use complete substitutes.

99 times out of 10, if you use high quality ingredients for your cake, compared to lower quality ingredients – even with the same cooking method you will get a better end product.

A better quality, a better tasting and more enjoyable cake.

This is no different to your wedding or any other event you might be planning.

What are some of the important ingredients?

Wedding Photographer

Using a high quality wedding photographer is going to give you amazing photos. Sure, you could get your uncle to take photos, and you get the same results – photos – but if you want photo’s that you really love, you need to find someone who can deliver you what you want. And photo’s last a life time.

The Food and Catering

The catering is also a big factor. It’s not hard to feed people, but getting great meals, and great service really does make a big difference and affects the overall experience of the wedding, especially your guests.

The Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is probably not going to be cheap. Of course you can go for a cheaper option like having it in a private location. But the expensive venues are such for a reason. They are often well oiled on running weddings and have the beautiful decor and ambiance to go with it. Great food, great entertainment (wedding DJ), a beautiful venue ect …. you are putting yourself in the best position to have the best possible event.

Wedding Entertainment

Best Perth Wedding DJ Entertainment

The Wedding entertainment is one of the biggest aspects of your event. Controlling the music, means controlling the mood, the vibe, the overall experience. It’s not just about the dancing but about the progression that plays out over the entire evening.

There as a crazy amount of skill and talent that goes into being a wedding DJ that it could sometimes get overlooked. But there is a huge difference between amateur and professional that really shouldn’t be overlooked at all or you could be asking for trouble.

Just from personal experience, and one of the reasons for launching Simply Entertainment was witnessing too many bad performances and a lack of professionalism that leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth.

But we are on a budget?

It’s an unfortunate thing to say, because everyone likes saving money, but like most things in life, with your wedding you will generally get what you pay for.

Now please don’t me wrong, I’m not trying to say that expensive is always better, and that you should be forking out an arm and a leg or you won’t have a great day. That’s not the case at all, but it really is worth looking at your budget, what you want from your wedding and then prioritising to ensure you are getting the best of what means the most to you.

Some people don’t really care about a venue, but would prefer a great party and celebration. Others are all about the finer details like flowers, and how everything is set out with the whole presentation.

Everyone is different.

So while planning your wedding or big event, have a think about what is important to you, and if you are tight on a budget then prioritise.

Simply Entertainment really aims to provide the best value, service and overall experience at an affordable price. The amount of bookings and enquiries we get speaks for itself and we will continue to be a market leader for Perth’s Wedding entertainment with constant self improvement, training and innovation.

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