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When should you book your Wedding DJ?

March 11, 2021

So you’ve recently gotten engaged. One of the biggest moments is soon going to be upon you. You have probably been mentally planning your wedding for most of your life. You have an idea about what dress you want, where you want the wedding, what type of wedding, roughly how many guests are coming, who get’s an invite and who doesn’t ect ect.

But the poor wedding DJ probably hasn’t been featured in your mental planning at all.

Don’t worry, we understand and won’t hold it against you.

Usually, the wedding DJ and entertainment is one of the last things to get booked once the venue, dress, planning is either taken care of or well underway. Obviously you need to have your venue and date locked in before you can book your suppliers, but once you have it is a good idea to make it your next priority.

I’ve had wedding bookings from as close as 2 weeks out, all the way to 2 years in advance.

Obviously there is no right way or wrong way to go about this.

But I will say that the sooner you can start to lock in your wedding date with your ideal Wedding DJ the better. Here at Simply Entertainment we have a small selection of Perth’s best Wedding DJ’s. This means that we have the availability for a few bookings on each weekend.

This was important in starting this business, and to not become a one man show. My personal vision of how a wedding DJ should conduct themselves can be transferred through a few of the DJ’s that I have carefully chosen to represent the Simply Entertainment brand, and to give more than just one couple per weekend the opportunity to get Perth’s best Dj’s for their special wedding day.

So back to the question, when should you book your wedding DJ?

As soon as possible is the correct answer. Dates fill up. The best DJ’s get booked out well in advance. Especially for the peak summer months in Perth when it’s a very busy period and it looks like every couple is looking at the same dates. I am always surprised by how far in advance some couples have things planned. And at the end of the day, you are competing with another couple who share the same date with you for the best suppliers in Perth.

The Perth wedding industry is a lot smaller than people think. Marriage celebrants, photographers, venues, DJ’s ect, the good ones are all in demand and get snapped up fast and well into the future.

So why delay once you know your wedding date?

I will also mention that once you are happy with a quote, lock it in. Prices do rise due to availability, and many couples have received a quote, even been sent the booking confirmation but fail to send through a deposit to lock in their date and then 3 months down the track realise their date isn’t available anymore, or the price has risen.

So get in early for all of your suppliers and give yourself the greatest chance at getting the best, and probably for the best prices as well.

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