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How much does a Perth Wedding DJ Cost?

March 11, 2021

You know the old saying, you pay peanuts, and you get monkey’s. This really is spot on when it comes to service providers such as Wedding DJ’s, photographers, videographers, photo booths, wedding planners ect. So a common question you might be asking is how much does a Perth wedding DJ cost?

So what should you pay for a Perth Wedding DJ?

With technology being readily available, all of these services can basically be performed by anyone with the right equipment. But there is an astronomical difference in quality that can’t be overstated enough.

Your photos will last a lifetime, so why would you want poorer/cheaper quality?

The same goes for your wedding entertainment. Along with the food, it’s probably what your guests are going to remember about your wedding as that is what impacts them the most.

Providing DJ services for any event needs to be taken seriously. Especially weddings –  for obvious reasons.

It’s really important to note that there is a huge amount of time that is involved in the process. And more than you might think.

At Simply Entertainment we take this aspect very seriously as the more preparation and planning that is involved, the less likely any surprised will occur that could impact your event.

The Typical Process

There’s sourcing new bookings, to actually making your booking, right up to the end of the night.

A DJ doesn’t just show up and play for 6 hours or whatever it might be.

There is the time it takes to meet with someone or to speak to them on the phone, to handle the administration of your booking, the emailing, the planning of your event, the preparation of music and ensuring that your music for your playlist is ready, bought/downloaded and available, the preparation of the MCing script and then final preparations right before you event to go over everything in more detail.

These are just a few things that are undertaken all before any music is played.

And all happens before any DJing has occurred.

So now it’s the day of your event.

We need to pack up the many needed pieces of equipment into the car, drive to your wedding venue. We then arrive at the venue about 1.5 hours before start time and unload all of the equipment at the venue and then start the setup.

Then the DJing occurs – which might be from 6pm until midnight. And when everyone is heading home we need to pack up into the car, drive home.

It’s a long day, and even longer process. Of course it’s something that we love and enjoy. But people can tend to forget what actually goes into what we do.

What should you be doing?

So for anyone that is offering really cheap services, you have to ask yourself how much they value their time, and how much pride they really have for their work.

I’m all about saving money when possible, but there is a happy medium. It really is worth investing to make sure you recieve the quality, professionals and service that you want, and deserve.

Because let’s face it, you will likely only be getting married once, so make it worth it.

Some things you should be considering:

– How much DJ experience do they have?

– Is the DJ and company that is in line with your vision of your event?

– Do they have back ups of equipment?

– Can you request songs during the night?

– Are you able to create music playlists?

– Can they MC as well as DJ?

– Do they have great equipment?

– Do they have music that suits older family members as well as the latest Top 40/Club music?

– Do they have club/festival/bar experience as well as weddings?

So how much does a Simply Entertainment Wedding DJ cost?

It really depends.

We take into consideration availability, venue location, number of guests, how long you need us ect.

The best wedding DJ's in Perth will charge somewhere between $1,400 - $1,800.

Anyone under $1,000 - I'd highly recommend staying away from. They are unlikely full time DJs and just doing it for some extra cash on the side. Would you book in with a doctor who is looking for some extra weekend work?

Music is such an important aspect of the night, so don't scrimp on getting a budget option if you can. Look to cut costs on other "nice but non essential" items.

The best thing to do is to get in contact with us, and we can give you a no obligation quote on your wedding, and you can find out why Simply Entertainment is Perth’s premier DJ service company.

Find out more information about hiring a Perth Wedding DJ.

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